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As rumors of the Samsung Galaxy S22 series have been started few weeks ago, we also have something to show. Thanks to our partner David from @xleaks7, we got pictures and short video of upcoming Samsung Galaxy S22 in aluminum dummy.


Samsung Galaxy S22 design


The design of S22 is very similar to its predecessor. The front has a flat screen with symmetrical bezels. According to David's source we will likely see a punch-hole camera in the middle.

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No surprises on the sides. There will be volume and power buttons on the right side, as as on Galaxy S21. The bottom has USB type-C port and speaker grill. 


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The back has camera bump integrated to device's side and back cover. It's likely that S22 will have three lenses, and flash light outside of camera bump, very similar to what Galaxy S21 had.

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Samsung Galaxy S22 release date


Samsung Galaxy S22 is likely to be launched in early 2022.



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